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The Purpose To Chaos Scale

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Chaos to purpose scale

What Is the Purpose To Chaos Scale?

We all want to feel important. In fact, we’re all born with that built in desire. The house we are “dropped into” is not our choice.

What if you’re born into an abusive house where your father is constantly critical of you between your first and tenth birthdays? What if your parents feel they have their own lives to live and neglect you as a result? What if your parents are fearful and worried people who always predict disaster for themselves and for you?

There are so many WRONG ways to raise a child and it is in “Chaos homes” where these troubled children (and troubled adults) are raised. Chaos homes take place when parents who have never dealt with their own Chaos childhood, raise their own children…only to give them the same treatment that THEY were given as a child.

The Purpose To Chaos Scale simply shows you the result of where you are raised.

At 100% is the Purpose Driven Home. This is a home where mom and dad enjoy each other and are both tough but fair with the kids. They take an interest in each of their children which makes those kids feel important and valued.

Throughout the first ten, critical years of a child’s life, the “programs” that children receive from their parents affect them for the rest of their lives.

In the case of a child who was raised in a Purpose Driven Home, for the rest of their lives, they will find that they naturally gravitate towards successful choices in their marriage, social life and career.

I was a Chaos Kid who married a Chaos Kid. This is the reason I lived 27 years in marriage Hell.

It was throughout those years that I found the solution to repairing the damage I received from growing up in a Chaos home and turning my life into something with purpose rather than continued chaos.

It’s much simpler than the psychology world would have us believe. I’ve discovered that the greatest truths are always the most simple. My Fulfilled Couple programs are based on these same simple ideas.

You can find more information on Fulfilled Couple’s marriage saving solutions here.

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Childhood Mountain


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